Georgia Tech WebEx Collaboration

Technical Requirements

Cisco WebEx Information

For self-service assistance and utilization tips, browse to Cisco Collaboration Help.


  • All USB Webcams and speaker/microphones have field of view and distance limitations.  
  • There will be a limitation on the furthest distance a participant can be from the camera, the microphone, and the display.  
  • Speaker/microphones must provide echo cancellation capabilities to enable clear and intelligible Voice Over IP (VOIP) communications.
  • Examples of devices suitable for WebEx VoIP audio use cases include the ClearOne Chat50 and Chat150 products.

Conference Setup and Operating Guidelines

  • The laptop/desktop computer and the conferencing application (such as WebEx) will have to be configured to select and activate the video and audio capture devices which is not always the default device settings.  
  • The room lighting, background, and acoustic environment will impact conference quality. 
  • Participants should mute audio capture devices when they are not speaking.

Small Conference Room

WebEx is often used in small conference rooms with great success. However, you will need to use external mics/speakers if the room is not outfitted with room audio visual equipment.

Medium to Large Size Conference Room

WebEx has been used in medium to large size conference rooms with mixed results. Results are heavily dependent on several factors.

  • Audio Visual equipment in room
  • Participant etiquette
  • Presentation vs meeting style video conferencing

USB Headsets

If one desires to conference in a noisier environment, such as an open office, it is highly recommended to use a USB headset.